Babilonia Arte

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The Babilonia Arte company was born in 1995 in Desenzano del Garda, a fantastic touristic site on Garda Lake. Babilonia Arte is specialized in the realization of frescoes and art works. In more than five years of experience, thanks also to the great variety of subjects, it can offer great quality to its clients.

Is an artistic laboratory where a group of artist, chosen from the best art Schools, paint using an ancient fresco technique . Supplies that are necessary to obtain the special fresco include: natural dyes, vegetable or animal glues, linen cloths as well as many years of hands on experience. In order to obtain the specialized Fresco effect, only natural materials are used.

Frescos produced in this manner are unique pieces of art, which require great rapidity and precision, skill, and many years of hands-on experience. They will enlighten your home or business by creating a magical atmosphere and bring in an eternal beauty of the ancient masters of art to be shared perpetually.